Health Care

We are committed to ensuring better health care facilities
based on the current needs of the community, because we believe a strong
health care system is a precursor to sustainable development in any society.

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Rehabilitation of Local Schools

Global development can only be
fostered when educated individuals are given the platform to express ideas;
acquire and apply knowledge, in order to create and evaluate meaningful
structures and systems for the community. As such, we are committed to
redeveloping schools in the community. This entails restructuring the
infrastructure of the school as well as sieving the content of the education to
be inclusive of internationally relevant subjects.



Arising from the need to ensure safety in the community, we are
dedicated to helping the recognized vigilante groups with the necessary
equipment to hasten response time to vices in the community. We have started
by providing motorcycles, and with your support, we will provide better


We believe that to function properly in the Nigerian and global
community, constant access must be given to the electricity supply. To this
end, we are currently pursuing sustainable means of creating renewable
energy resources to make the community self-sufficient.


Water Access

Closely linked to the facilitation of good health in community
is our desire to make access to pure and clean, treated water for the
community use. Our goal is to create pipelines to run through the entire
community, making clean water accessible to every compound.

Food Production

For self-sufficiency, we encourage farming
(subsistent farming for starters) for the crops widely used for staple foods.


Access Road

We will serve as advocates, to get the local government to
act on providing Umunoha with safe access roads for vehicles and
pedestrians. This is vital for moving people, goods and services safely within
the community