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Umunoha is a small village in Imo State, Nigeria. Umunoha USA Association, Inc. (UUAI) started as an idea in 2006, by forward-thinking members of the Umunoha community in the USA. These people saw the phenomenal impact being made by members of the community in their chosen fields within and outside Nigeria and decided that with greater investment into the community, more people would be able to produce even greater feats than these.

 This belief, led to the founding of this body, with the singular goal of propelling positive change, one individual at a time. In the succeeding years, we have continued to build credibility by pioneering infrastructural and institutional changes in our community, one step at a time. We are driven by the belief that with our minute effort and your optimal support, we CAN make our community GREAT.

Do you share our dream and vision? Does our story move you to action? Then come
and partner with us, and MAKE A DIFFERENCE in this generational dream!

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