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We are a close-knit body of individuals who have taken up the mantle of LEADERSHIP (and GOOD GOVERNANCE); and accepted the mandate to create a sustainable future for young members of the Umunoha community, by giving them a chance at the local and global stages.


We instill in the members of our community: values for leadership, and change while creating avenues for these values to be put to use. We are also dedicated to good governance with accountability; and the infrastructural improvement of the community, which will create lasting structures for future generations.

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To build an enlightened society of individuals empowered with the skills and
mindset to make a positive difference in the world, through grass-root training from
infancy. We are dedicated to creating an urban shift in the Umunoha community,
raising it to meet global standards.


To usher in a future where members of the Community have the life skills, values,
and necessary platforms to lend their voice to global issues and help foster
sustainable socio-economic change worldwide.